Meeting Highlights

On 10/21/2020, the Bay County Federated Republican Women held their monthly meeting at Trigos(131 Harrison Ave).

Debbie Wood ( Chairman of the Bay County Republican Party) gave a synopsis of upcoming events and the success of the volunteers handling the tremendous volume of traffic enthusiastically backing Trump at the Republican headquarters on Lisenby Ave. Debbie reminded everyone to join the debate watch party tonight at HQ. She reminded everyone that the upcoming elections for the Women’s club and the Republican Executive Committee will be held in November and December with all officers presented in January. She also reminded everyone of the upcoming Christmas Party to be held on December 11th at Hibiscus by the Bay. More information with the time will be forthcoming soon.

Barbara Britson presented the Treasury report and the membership report. We are growing fast now. Presently we have 47 regular members and 10 associate members(men) with more joining yesterday!

John P. Smith (Beach mosquito seat 3) spoke on his candidacy.

Jay Trumbull gave a report on the legislature and it’s progress. He also spoke on the Trump election and it’s progress in Florida and Nationally.

Liz MacLean, who heads up the Trump Victory team, spoke on the need for more team volunteers and the final push to elect Donald Trump. She also reminded us that early voting begins here in Bay County on Saturday morning(10/24/2020) at 7:00am and that a special event will be held at Sheffield Park around 9:00am with Donald Trump live streaming in.

Tho Bishop presented a thorough explanation of the upcoming amendments we will be voting on included in our ballots. He did an outstanding job in simplifying the reading of these amendments and untangling them for everyone.

The meeting was extremely successful and well received by all ( a packed house). Kudos to Trigo’s and their staff who did an outstanding job setting up the venue and serving a delicious meal!!!